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Small, modular, & fast JavaScript datastore.

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Version: 0.1 | Repository | depotjs.com

Depot.js has three main philosophies in decending order of importance:


Depot.js was created to fill a need where storing web application data in-memory in a tiny package is required. There are many other in-memory databases that are small once gzipped but the browser still has to execute the large uncompressed version. This can become an issue on performance constrained devices. Depot.js comes in at only 1.2K minified and only 500B gzipped.


The core of Depot.js has the main datastore functionalities including insert, update, remove, find, and watch. This meets the vast majority of users needs but for those that need more like saving to local storage, those can be added as external plugins.


Even though the primary goal for Depot.js is it's small size, performance isn't ignored. It can still perform over 1.2M op/s when being used as an in memory object store.

Getting Started

Creating a new database:

const db = new Depot();

Add a collection:

const kites = db.createCollection('kites');

Insert records:

  name: 'foo'

Find records:

db.kites.find({ id: 8 });

Create watcher:

db.kites.watch('*', record => { });

Get the collection size


Register external Collection instances

class Kites extends Collection {
  kite() {}
db.register(new Kites('kites'));

Special thanks to @huwshimi for the logo!